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Preserve Roofing is unlike any roofing company you've ever encountered - we'll never begin by trying to sell you a new roof!  Instead, we're committed to restoring and preserving the roof you already own. You'll enjoy a roof that looks and performs like new for thousands less than full replacement. 


A full service roofing company, our capabilities include general maintenance, leak repair, roof cleaning, shingle rejuvenation, and when necessary, complete roof replacement.  Fully licensed and insured (GL & WC), you can be confident in our ability to professionally meet your roofing needs.

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Anyone who’s ever driven on an old road already knows what happens to asphalt as it ages: the natural oils dry out, causing it to become brittle, crack, and ultimately fail.  We see this -and feel it- every time we hit a bump or pothole.  Like our roads, the majority of roofs in the United States use asphalt shingles. These shingles endure the same thrashing from the elements and must be able to consistently expand and contract in order to provide protection and enduring performance. 


Roof Maxx® is a powerful, scientifically formulated, bio-based treatment, developed from soybean oil (soy methyl ester). The soy-fusion technology allows millions of microbeads to rapidly penetrate old asphalt shingles, replacing the lost petrochemical oils with bio-based oils.  Unlike protective coatings that just cover the surface of the aging material, Roof Maxx® penetrates deep into the shingle, restoring flexibility and preserving the life of your roof. 


Treatment with Roof Maxx® is quick, effective, and 100% safe for your family, property, and the environment. And unlike roof replacement, a restorative Roof Maxx® treatment from Preserve Roofing is completed quickly, with very little disruption, and for just a fraction of the cost. 

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Roof Health Assessment

At your initial consultation, one our of roofing experts will listen to any current concerns you may have.  Afterwards, he will get on the roof and perform an overall roof health assessment. He'll inspect the shingles for deterioration, look for areas of algae growth, check your vents and flashings, and work to identify potential problem areas.

Repair & Clean

On the day of your scheduled treatment, we will provide you with a complete roof tune-up, as well as repair any identified damage. 

Next, if needed, we'll apply our biodegradable cleaning solution to eliminate any algae or mold growth on the roof.  After the soaps have done their job, we always rinse to remove any residue from the roof's surface.

Restore & Preserve 

Finally we will apply our shingle rejuvenating Roof Maxx treatment to your roof.  The treatment works by re-hydrating the shingles, restoring flexibility, significantly improving granule adhesion, and increasing it's water-proofing capabilities. The treatment will appear white upon application but it will quickly penetrate into the shingles. Each treatment is guaranteed for 5 years and can be applied up to 3 times!


It stopped the coating from shedding off my failing roof and it still looks great after nearly 3 years.”


~ Jerry Linkhorn


Service on your terms

Whether you want a roof health inspection or simply have a question about our services, we're here for you. Let us help you preserve what's yours!

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